Tuesday, July 9, 2013

* The Multi-Task Generation Finds Its Raison d'Etre

* What would Walter do?

" 'But when the heat was on me about Cam Ne  [his report from Viet Nam], when viewers wanted my head on a stick, and I was called to New York in the autumn of 1965 for reassignment, he threw a dinner party for me at his home.  Anchormen don't usually give a shit about the reporter in the field. But Walter did.  I was the new kid at CBS at the time. The White House wanted me fired.  That prick Bill Moyers [White House press secretary to Lyndon Johnson] pilloried me. Hate mail came pouring in.  The heat was on for me to get fired. And what did Walter do?  He threw a dinner party in New York.  That was the kind of man he was.' " (Brinkley p. 348)

Morley Safer


Douglas Brinkley

* Minimized or Memorialized ? The Brooks Treatment

David Brooks' op-ed in today's 

attempts to say 
God has only been minimized on our 
but winds up confirming inadvertently
 for all intents and purposes, 
omnipotent, omnipresent, petissionable patriarch 
who terrorized, snooped upon, and manipulated the europeanized  peoples of the world for centuries 
 in fact 


Monday, July 8, 2013

* What Snowden taught us : WE NEED A THIRD OPTION: Accept/ Do Not Accept / Accept if not shared with any government agencies

Edward  Snowden taught us that all those either/or  "I Accept" or "I DoNot Accept"boxes we mindlessly check allowing our personal  Internet choices and habits to be collected and shared, should have a third - box option: 
I Accept  (if not shared with any government agencies) 

(Note: I first heard this observation made as a casual aside on a recent PBS News broadcast panel discussion.It deserves much more serious consideration than a public chuckle.)