Wednesday, June 5, 2013

* Tranferred to Sterling Library at Yale: The papers of J. Walter Bassett and Evangeline Cunningham Bassett (pioneer navigator of women's courtship, 1899-1902 )

The letters and diaries are now available 

Sterling Memorial 

Yale University, Manuscripts and Archives Division's

 Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection 
and are  identified as 
"J. Walter Bassett Papers." 

Mr. William Massa, Director of Acquisitions
Manuscripts and Archives Division
Sterling Memorial Library
Yale University

Hi Bill Massa:

I  have the J. Walter Basset collection boxed and ready for UPS on Friday.

When you open the two cartons you will find three gray cardboard file boxes.  These have alphabetical dividers. There are also two hard plastic containers.

IGNORE the alphabetical side of the dividers. I have written in pencil on the reverse side of the dividers the year and month and from 1899-1902, the years of the correspondence.  

Two of the boxes are in chronological order

The THIRD file box contains the items I have transcribed to my blog.  I felt they should be kept separate so I would know the amount of work which I had yet to do in transcribing (three years of letters, sent weekly or twice a week).

Now that task is irrelevant since I am handing the entire collection over to you, and I suppose you can re-insert them in chronological order. Or keep them the way I have them.

You can find my transcriptions at

Note: I found one stray letter  (wouldn't ya know it !) after I packed the boxes.  You will find it irrelevantly laying on top of one of the files.

I hope the boxes are kept upright.  It would be a shame if the letters got jumbled out of chronological order.  The POSTMARK is the only date on these,so the ENVELOPES are crucial to making sense of the collection.

There's a feminist researcher out there who can turn Evangeline Cunningham into an iconic navigator of women's 19th century courtship .

Now your archives at Yale can help make this happen.  Thank you for adding  the JWB collection to my papers.

Best wishes,


Paul D. Keane
M.A., M.Div., M.Ed.


Christine Weideman, Director, Manucripts and Archives, SML, Yale University
Larry Dowler, Archivist emeritus, Harvard University

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