Tuesday, June 11, 2013

* One good lie deserves another : The lying and spying Googlement-Industrial Complex v. the Moles.

"He's a traitor."  
John Baynor, House Majority Leader,
Edward Snowden

Why is a government lie about not engaging in spying any worse than a leaker's lie swearing not to reveal the spying?

One good lie deserves another.

There is no President Eisenhower to warn us of the dangers of the Lying/Spying/ Government-Industrial  Complex, to say nothing of the Googlement-Industrial Complex (Soon they may be the same.).

What did Daniel Ellsberg's "treason" of releasing the Pentagon Papers produce? 

  • the end of the Viet Nam War and 
  • the resignation of Nixon.

What did Julian Assange's "treason" of  releasing secret government documents through  Wikileaks  produce? 

  • A national debate on the truth of government assertions about the war in Afghanistan.

Bradley Manning? 

Edward Snowden?

  • A national debate on the lying/spying Government-Industrial Complex.
Are  Ellsberg, Manning, and Snowden "traitors" for breaking their oaths to secrecy?

This is not a question for adjudicators.

Only History can decide.

And that takes the perspective of 40 years, according to all historians I know, whether it be Gettysburg or Kent State---one of the reasons I am a crusader for saving documents and memorabilia.(I learned this lesson about the time required to "do" history during  five summers I spent at Gettysburg College's The Civil War Institute.)

Witness Daniel Ellsberg:

  •  traitor  in 1971 
  •   savior in 2013

So may go Assange, Manning, and Snowden.

The more important question is:

  • Will there be a free Press forty years from now to report it?

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