Saturday, June 1, 2013

* Loose Moose gallops across Dartmouth Campus, brushing by me with shoulders at eye-level on my 6'2" frame.

Courtesy of Ryan H. Archer '13
 Dartmouth College

As I walked in the comparatively narrow walkway behind Leede Arena / Karl Michael Pool area and the tennis courts, the Moose came galloping down the asphalt walk. I ducked into a tennis court and closed the the gate just in case the creature had the brain disease common to his species and was loco cabeza.

Moose crosses, at a gallop,  from Green to Webster Hall (?) on a journey to Alumni Gym  and  the narrow walkway behind Leede Arena and the tennis courts---where I fortified myself behind a closed tennis court gate ! 
(enlarged below).

Standing on two feet --a pretty nifty trick for a thousand pound creature (enlarged below)!
Notice student running away at left.

Estimate size of Moose by background size of cars.

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