Wednesday, June 26, 2013

* Valley News Attempts to Shape and Limit my Speech


I have cancelled my subscription to the 
Valley News 
and will no longer be contributing 
to its health.


The editor in charge of  letters to the editor at the Valley News has rejected my replacement letter for a letter he previously rejected. (DOUBLE REJECTIONS)

 He has asked me to treat this SECOND rejection letter as private, even though I am tempted to publish it anyway since it manifestly attempts to shape and squelch my criticism of The Valley News' editorial policies.

I am ashamed to even dignify such attempted censorship by honoring its author's request that his own words be kept secret. 

However, I will not  publish the offending (and offensive) item in deference to its author's request.

Paul D. Keane
M.A., M.Div., M.Ed.


The Valley News


I have re-written the letter to meet your requirement.  I trust you will not delay it further despite its criticism of the *Valley News.*

Paul Keane

Replacement Letter to the Editor 

The Valley News  

Word Count 356  


Our local paper, The Valley News, after considering my recently submitted letter for two weeks has decided that it is mostly "a quotation from another source" and therefore has declined to publish it.

They may be right.

An article in the NY Times. "Who's Minding the Schools?"  by Andrew Hacker and Claudia Dreifus was my source for the quotes , and their opinions challenge actual editorial opinions  I have read in the Valley
News in the past year.


At least one of those  Valley News editorials had the unfortunate odor of  Bill Gates and the  National Governors Conferences, conferences  which
Gates has lured into compliance with his, (the richest philanthropy in the world) Bill and Melinda Gates' Foundation.

What compliance, you say:

Promoting the "invisible empire" called the Common Core  (you’ll have to see the N.Y. Times article whose quotes the Valley News rejected)   an educational dynasty which seeks to turn our public school system into a
regimented, national curriculum, dedicated to measuring student intellectual growth--- incessantly..

Such measurement is like the Chinese proverb about the farmer who was so anxious about getting his rice to grow that he pulled up the plants each day and measured their roots.

This regimented measurement is an activity which deadens the human spirit by attempting to  quantify human creativity into a recipe of  ingredients and cooking instructions to be baked  to uniform success.

I will not debate with the Valley News  the urgency of society rejecting this manipulation of our children .

The  Valley News is not really commissioned for more than producing successfully tomorrow's edition and it is naive-- even unfair -- for me to expect the larger picture to be their concern.

Hence, the existence of The New York Times which saved our Constitution by publishing the  Pentagon Papers in defiance of President Nixon forty years ago.

Now, we live in a different time.

Institutional manipulation of children's souls does not seem to rise to the same  level of societal and journalistic concern which the  maiming and extermination of  young men and women's  bodies  did during the Viet Nam

We are a nation asleep.

Paul D. Keane

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