Wednesday, July 3, 2013

*It is better to give than to receive (especially before you are dead ). And it's fun, too!

 I, Paul Douglas Macintosh Keane, being of sound mind and body, have heretofore distributed my few worldly treasures to the following recipients ---

To The MacDowell Colony:  
Thornton Wilder's
desk, chair, sideboard, and portrait.

To Yale Law School:
 the World War I chaplain's chalice
 of professor 
Douglas Clyde Macintosh  

To the president of Ithaca College
Tom Rochon: 
my painting by D. Hoyt  
(AKA Dorothy Dillingham)
 former First Lady of Ithaca College,
Bird with a Broken Wing, 
for display in the president's residence

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To The Churchill Archives Centre,
 Churchill College Cambridge:
 my Winston Churchill cigar and scrapbook,
 A Boy's Adventure with Churchill 
in New York, 1961

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