Monday, July 1, 2013

* Love thine enemy? Decide for yourself.

NOTE: I had not looked at these or any other television interviews until today, almost  eight weeks later. I declined all interviews  with a polite "no further comment" but these folks came to my house unannounced and I felt obliged to honor their effort. I also did not want to appear unwillingly on camera refusing to be interviewed--the "Mike Wallace effect."

I decided to offer the burial plot while mowing my lawn in Vermont on the evening of May 6.  Mowing provides me time to think and I had been mulling the disgrace of people refusing to bury this man's body.

I stopped the mower mid-row, got off the tractor,  and came into the house and wrote the offer on my (now former) blog, The Anti-Yale. CLICK LINK.

I felt it needed Press attention in order for its challenge ---"Love thine enemy"--- to be debated.  I decided to permit one---and only one--- interview to break the story.

The only interview I gave voluntarily was to The New Haven Register. I had offered it first to The Yale Daily News  with whom I have had a four-year relationship but their editor told me they would be interested only if the Tsarnaev family contacted me. Admittedly, he was in the middle of final exams and tied-up.

I then offered the story to my local Vermont paper, The Valley News, by email. I waited one hour for them to reply (they had closed for the evening) and when they did not do so I contacted the New Haven Register. 

They offered to call back the next day. 

An hour later they called me back. I  guess they realized they had a story on their hands.  

The result was a story (LINK) on May 7, the following morning, which set off a controversy . See posts attached to story.  

When The Valley News called the morning after I had contacted them , I told them that I had "no further comment" and that I considered the story  "to be over."

I have kept my word about 'no further interviews' except for the television folks who appeared at my doorstep and persisted after I said "no further comment".  

I wanted peace on my property, thank you, and some of them declined to leave and parked across the street, with camera's out, like hunters waiting for deer.

I also gave a follow-up interview to The New Haven Register  as a formality.

On the day of the burial (May 8?)  I was emailed and phoned  by many news sources to see if my plot had been selected as the site, and I told all of them this simple truth:"No one has contacted me."

I am glad I made the effort and I believe (perhaps immodestly) that the controversy helped break the logjam and provided opportunity for others to step forward with a viable offer.

July 2, 2013

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