Saturday, July 6, 2013

* Vermont's role in saving the Union

Before commenting about The First Vermont Cavalry in the Civil War: A History, by Joseph D. Collea, Jr., I need to make two full disclosures before you, dear reader, read on : First, Mr. Collea is Principal at a Vermont high school where I teach  (I have since retired, 2012) and therefore everything I say can be suspect of attempting to curry favor with him! (lol); and, second, although I attended the Civil War Institute (CWI) at Gettysburg College for a week every summer from 1998 – 2003, my interest in the Civil War is primarily poetic and anecdotal, not military and strategic: To wit, I ignored all of the maps in the book handsomely prepared by the author’s son,  and riveted my attention to passages about the human heart in conflict with itself. (a famous definition of literature by William Faulkner, I think)


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